When I look inside and see that I am nothing, that is wisdom
When I look outside and see that I am everything, that is love.
And between these two, my life turns.
– Nisargadatta Maharaj –

Since my youth I was moved by the question: Why are we here on earth? What do we want to experience and understand, and how can we find happiness?

Already at a very young age I immersed myself into western and eastern philosophy, to find an answer to these questions. Later I studied philosophy and media communications at the university of Vienna, Austria. At the same time, I was drawn more and more into the mystical traditions of mankind – from ancient polytheistic religions, through esoteric teachings, like Tarot or Numerology, to Indian and Tibetan teachings, from the chakra-system to yoga-philosophy. My main interest is in understanding these esoteric and philosophical teachings, to make them easily understandable for everyone and to use them as keys for personal and spiritual development and finally liberation. My belief is: Understanding spirituality is the key to heal our lives.

Another important part of my spiritual path were the many travels I had the chance to do. I have been working as a guide in many different countries from Greenland to Kamchatka, from Mongolia to Australia, and to India, Nepal and Tibet. This way I had the chance to prove myself in sometimes difficult situations in harsh environments. On the other hand, I gained insight into the different spiritual cultures of the world, from the life in Tibetan monasteries, through the work of mongolian shamans, to the mystical tradition of my own Hungarian culture. In this way I could see what makes people in the different corners of the world happy or unhappy.

I write, give talks, hold seminars and retreats in which I talk about and work with these ancient spiritual procedures, which in the end all point to the recognition of our ever loving and free nature. – Our non-dual being. » More about Advaita or Nonduality

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Photo above: Bodnath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal – © Attila Budai

Photo below: Retreat in Kisnyalka, Hungary– © Katha Huncik