Our sciences have tried to pin down life for centuries, they have tried to find out, what “makes” all things to live. But this search is as equally futile, as any other search for the one philosophy or formula to explain life. Life is so lively exactly because it evades all description. We just can’t seem to get this into our head. But the moment you realise this, a great freedom arises. You stop trying to find the one explanation or philosophy, along which to live. There is no need for that. This world, as any other world, is made out of the very fabric of freedom. If you look with the eyes of freedom upon the world, everything becomes equally desirable, as well as ephemeral and fleeting. All urges to achieve or to acquire something vanish and you see the coming and goings of the world as nothing else than the game of pure awareness. There has to be a picture on the screen for us to realise the screen. In other words: There has to be life to realise being. Life has to be in the state of its own constant overflow, in a state that fleets all explanations, in order to be what it is: Life. That is the very definition of life. Life is aliveness, liveliness, a constant explosion of the senses and the mind. The restlessness of being in the midst of the infinite silence of being.

Photo: @Miriam Espacio, La Orotava, Spain