We often interpret the saying “I am feeling well” as having a pleasant experience. But that is actually not the full spectrum of its meaning. “I am feeling well”, means primarily, that your senses are functioning properly, that’s in a way what we expect them to do. But that doesn’t necessarily mean, that I have a feeling of wellbeing. “I am feeling well”, means also, that I am fully connected to my feelings – however pleasant or unpleasant they maybe. It means that, I am totally connected to life, I have no resistance against my feelings. Feelings are the essence of what surrounds me here and now. This way I have no resistance against anything around me. That I am surrendering myself fully to life. So it is not possible to say “I am feeling well” and at the same time to hide from the world in any way. To feel well, we have to be fully connected and embrace the world, with all its ups and downs. That is the only way to true peace and happiness.

Photo: Bali, Indonesia – © Attila Budai