Everyday in our life could be our last. Yet we live, as if we would live forever, postponing every day, what burns inside of us. Some of us may wish for exotic experiences, like enlightenment and try to transcend that, what burns inside of us. If you follow what burns inside of you, if you follow your bliss, it will eventually burn you and leave you naked. Totally sincere, totally devoted to that day, that moment, that situation you are in. Enlightenment is nothing more, than to follow you truest of all your longings, to follow your bliss, until you become one with your longing. Enlightenment doesn’t make you a colourless yogi, sitting passed out somewhere in the mountains. Enlightenment means, that you don’t run away from the most obvious of all knowledge: That you may die the next instant and that everything, that surrounds you is created by and is abundant trough and trough in spirit. Wake up and rise!

Photo: Stupa for Tenzing Norgay, Nepal – © Attila Budai