About Nonduality

Advaita or NonDuality is often called the direct path. “Direct” simply means to show the spiritual seeker his true nature in the most direct way. Our true nature is one with being and expresses itself through boundless love and freedom. Non-Duality is no method, it has no established teaching system. At the same time it is the essence of all spiritual efforts to find liberation.

At the same time nonduality has never excluded any other spiritual teachings or religious paths from its teachings. On the contrary, it makes use of these different approaches, without clinging onto them. Because all these teachings point to the same direction: The discovery of our true nature, which expresses itself through boundless love and freedom.

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About me

I write, give talks, hold seminars and retreats in which I talk about Nonduality and work with many different ancient spiritual teachings, such as the chakras, karma or the archetypes of the Tarot. In the end these teachings all point to the recognition of our ever loving and free nature. – Our nondual being.

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